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[06/28/2019] Here’s the latest poll for Tomb World Go Vote!

[06/28/2019] Darkest Dungeons aired a day late because of processing errors from YouTube, sorry!

[06/18/2019] Kerbal Space Program won’t be airing today, I had recorded it only to realize the recording got screwed up with no video feed and I didn’t have the time to record. Apologizes for the lack of an episode today.

[06/14/2019] Here’s the latest poll for Tomb World Go Vote!

[06/09/2019] Moving tomorrow! Sorry I’ve been minimally communicating, soon I’ll have more time to chat and reply! I hope you all are having a wonderful day today. New series and projects on the horizon! If you have any ideas let me know in the discord suggestion box.

[06/04/2019] Hi friends! I’m back in town, but moving homes about 1000km / 620mi this week, so I’ll do my absolute best not to have any outages, but no promises. New series will be planned and announced once I am done moving!

[05/24/2019] Hey everyone! I am going to be out of town until June 3rd, but I’ve prerecorded every episode that would normally air so except for the Twitch series, The Silverfang Hunters. Additionally, polling for Tomb World will be delayed a week or two! I may also not be able to reply to comments swiftly, like I normally do, but I’ll do what I can. I hope you all enjoy which ever series you watch and I’ll see you all soon!

[05/17/2019] The poll for the 3rd Tomb World Survival goals is open! Go Vote!

[05/10/2019] The poll for the 2nd Tomb World Survival goals is open! Go Vote!

[05/09/2019] Channel banner, website schedule and website archive have been updated to reflect the ending of Speedrun Challenge. Darkest Dungeons will move up 45m to replace Speedrun’s timeslot. Twitch series picks back up next week, May 14th.