»[Sep/16/2019] Kenshi will air fairly late today. Sorry!

»[Sep/15/2019] Sorry that Survive the Pantheon aired late today on YouTube. Thank you to all who turned up for Twitch today!

»[Sep/12/2019] A new series, Kenshi on the Rim for will premier tomorrow, September Friday the 13th on Twitch from 5PM EDT to 8PM EDT
The Children of Atom series will be rescheduled to Thursdays instead of Fridays and this weeks Friday episode is cancelled (Sorry!)

»[Sep/10/2019] The poll about the next Twitch series has ended and now the patrons will provide ideas for the series for the next day or two before it premiers on Friday! Attached are the relevant poll data.
Poll Question 1
Poll Question 2
Poll Question 3
The new Twitch series will be RimWorld TwitchToolkit airing from 5PM EDT to 8PM EDT on Wednesdays and Fridays, premiering this Friday. Thank you to all of you that voted.

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»[Sep/05/2019] I got rejected for Twitch Partner, but I am looking for feedback from you all to help with that situation! Click Here to provide feedback.

»[Sep/02/2019] Want to provide feedback for Kenshi? Click the Discord link at the top or click right here to join from a web browser.

»[Aug/28/2019] Looking to vote for Tomb World Goals? Right here -> Go Vote!

»[Aug/26/2019] The Tomb World poll will get kicked to Wednesday because of the technical problems as well! Sorry!

»[Aug/26/2019] Due to technical problems the Kenshi Birth of a Hive episode will be delayed to air by approximately half an hour or so.