[05/17/2019] The poll for the 3rd Tomb World Survival goals is open! Go Vote!

[05/10/2019] The poll for the 2nd Tomb World Survival goals is open! Go Vote!

[05/09/2019] Channel banner, website schedule and website archive have been updated to reflect the ending of Speedrun Challenge. Darkest Dungeons will move up 45m to replace Speedrun’s timeslot. Twitch series picks back up next week, May 14th.

[04/29/2019] I’ll be away for the next 10 days (until May 9th) taking care of real life stuff, but I’ve recorded every single episode due to release in my absence, so except for the four Twitch.tv episodes that I’ll miss, everything else is releasing on schedule. Cheers!

[04/26/2019] The poll for the first Tomb World Survival goals is open! Go Vote!

[04/23/2019] First Twitch stream tonight at 8 PM EST! Tune in!

[04/23/2019] Due to hardware issues Stationeers won’t air today, but will air as usual on Thursday.

[04/22/2019] Darkest Dungeon will most likely be delayed today due to some hardware failure.

[04/19/2019] Polls have closed. Here’s the polling results! Results

[04/17/2019] The poll for the next Choose Your Own Adventure series is open! Go Vote!

[04/16/2019] A new series, Kerbal Space Program, premiered today! Episode 1

[04/14/2019] Patrons have until 4/16 to submit scenarios for the next RimWorld series. A public poll will be published on 4/17 to determine which series will be next. The next new series will air on 4/19 and a twitch series will first air the following week.

[04/10/2019] A new series, Stellaris Swarm, premiered today! Episode 1

[04/08/2019] A new series, Darkest Dungeons, premiered today! Episode 1

[04/06/2019] The next choose your own adventure styled series is in the works, as well as a twitch series. The patrons are submitting ideas for the next series starting today. All of their ideas will go to a poll to determine the replacement for Black Lake Settlers and my favorite will become a twitch series. Submit your ideas today!

[04/05/2019] A new series, Stationeers, premiered today! Episode 1

[04/05/2019] After a long run the Kenshi Ironman series comes to a close! Thank you everyone for tuning in and contributing.