»[Oct/20/2019 ] The poll for the next Twitch stream is here! The poll will remain open for one week and the new series will air November 10th. Go Vote!

»[Oct/19/2019] Just a reminder that I will not be streaming today, Saturday the 19th. I am, however, seeking feedback from patrons and Twitch subs on Discord for what will fill into the Saturday time slot for Twitch!

»[Oct/16/2019] Sorry about the massively delayed release of RimWorld Tomb World and Kenshi Birth of a Hive. I had scheduled them for the wrong day, sorry!

»[Oct/03/2019] Darkest Dungeon and Stellaris will swap air times today because of YouTube processing delays.

»[Sep/28/2019] I recorded the latest episode of Kenshi in WAY too high quality and it will need to air tomorrow as a result. It’s too large to upload and will take too long to re-render. I’ll keep the upload running until the stream later today but I suspect it won’t upload in time.

»[Sep/23/2019] Looking to vote for Tomb World Goals? Right here -> Go Vote!