Sea Ice Challenge

37 Part Series, 1 hour per episode, last upload 11/23/2018
The starting pawn is Serra Lear, a fairly skilled and passionate pawn and the win condition is to get her into space. No cannibalism is allowed. No butchering humans is allowed. No organ harvesting is allowed. No tainted apparel is allowed. You can do missions, but you cannot harvest resources from any other areas other than your home zone.

Noah’s Ark

38 Part Series, 1 hour per episode, last upload 09/12/2018
In this Let’s Play I’m going to attempt to create an “Ark” that’ll fit two of every species of animal to mimic Noah’s Ark. I start off with a family of 8, and disabled all events that have me add to my population. I won’t be recruiting anyone to the group, and I’ll be tasked with building a spaceship

Naked Brutality

29 Part Series, 1 hour per episode, last upload 08/18/2018
This is a Let’s Play that’ll highlight as many of the new features as I can with the 1.0 release of RimWorld. I start off naked and alone in a temperate swamp on a huge river. I’ll be attempted to showcase as much of the new 1.0 content as I can, all the while surviving a brutally difficult storyteller and scenario.


One Planet Challenge

10 Part Series, 1 hour per episode, last upload 10/16/2018
In this Let’s Play I’ll be conquering the galaxy without colonization. Building tall and mighty.

Flesh is Weak

12 Part Series, 1 hour per episode, last upload 10/02/2018
In this Let’s Play I am exploring many of the fundamental game play mechanics while trying to dominate the galaxy through vassalization and war. I’ll be doing my best to explain as much as I can about game play mechanics in this Let’s Play, but it is not a tutorial series. Enjoy!


Stationeers Tutorial Series

6 Part Series, variable length, last upload 03/16/2018
in this Let’s Play series I’ll be covering as many core game mechanics as simply and thoroughly as I can.