»[July/31/2020] Here’s the second poll, open to everyone and it will determine what I’ll play Sunday, August 2nd. Click Here to cast your vote.

»[July/30/2020] The first poll, only available to twitch subscribers, is posted to determine what I’ll play Sunday, August 2nd. If you’re a twitch subscriber head over to #twitch-sunday-poll to cast your vote. If you are a subscriber but don’t have access this how-to might help. Tomorrow a public poll available to all will be posted with only the top few choices from the first pass.

»[July/28/2020] I will be collecting ideas from Patreon patrons for future YouTube series over in #next-youtube-series. As a reminder this is the process for picking new series. Video about how series are picked.

If you are a patron that does not have access to the channel, make sure you redeem your patreon rewards, here is a tutorial.

»[July/26/2020] Pick what I stream for today! Link to the Poll

»[July/25/2020] Pick what I stream for tomorrow! Link to the Poll

»[July/24/2020] I am collecting game suggestions for a poll to determine what I’ll stream this upcoming Sunday in Discord’s #twitch-stream-chat. Just tag me @Rhadamant with your suggestions. A poll will be posted tomorrow with some of the ideas included. Cheers!

»[July/14/2020] Two new raffle channels have been created for characters in the upcoming Oxygen Not Included series and RimWorld Western Settlers series in the Discord Server. If you are a Patreon Knight, Captain or General head on over to the #oxygen-not-included-raffle-channel to enter and if you are a Twitch Subscriber head over to the #twitch-raffle-channel-western-settlers to enter. Good luck everyone.

»[July/12/2020] Pick what I stream for today! Link to the Poll

»[July/10/2020] A new TwitchToolkit/RimWorld series on Twitch, The Wendigos, premiers July 11th (Tomorrow) at 1PM EDT to 5PM EDT.

»[July/9/2020] Congratulations to perpetualgamer, Silvanti, Glitchbb, WolfBear and WouldYouKindlyWatch on winning the raffle for characters in the new upcoming series!

»[July/6/2020] The Pawn raffle for starting characters for the upcoming TwitchToolkit/RimWorld Sea Ice Cannibals series is now open until July 10th on Rhadamant Plays Discord! To access the raffle you must be a subscriber on https://twitch.tv/rhadamant5186 and have your Discord account connected to Twitch. If you need help connecting your account this how-to might help.

»[July/4/2020] Browncoat Rebels has been rescheduled to air tomorrow instead of today due to Independence Day. Happy 4th to all the Americans in the audience!