»[Feb/18/2020] Sign up sheet for the names for the upcoming RimWorld Frost and Fire scenario just got posted in Discord’s #raffle-channel (for patrons only) If you want to become a patron in order to be eligible for the raffle, https://patreon.com/rhadamant is the link for you.

»[Feb/13/2020] Back up and running. Dead motherboard replaced. Some photos and details in Discord’s #off-topic if you’re interested. Tomorrow the schedule will pick back up as usual.

»[Feb/12/2020] Sadly, a spare PSU did not fix the issue. Likely a dead motherboard, or worse. Again, no ETA on a fix (but obviously working on it on my end).

»[Feb/11/2020] I purchased a spare PSU that will arrive sometime tomorrow while my RMA is pending with Corsair. I ought to be back up and running for Thursday’s episodes (I hope, unless other things broke)

»[Feb/10/2020] All episodes that are due to air for this week are probably cancelled, my PSU died. In the process of replacing it.

»[Jan/13/2020] Frost and Fire will become the next RimWorld/YouTube series in ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ styled storytelling where you will be able to vote bi-weekly on goals and rules submitted by patrons! Curious about the decision making process? Here’s an infographic. I don’t have a timetable of when it’ll premier, but when I do I’ll announce it!