»[Jan/14/2021] Want to vote on what I play on upcoming Sundays on Twitch? Here’s the poll! The six choices on the poll were the most upvoted by my Patreon patrons and Twitch subscribers. Some of the choices will also be rebroadcasted on YouTube, some wont. Thank you for voting!

»[Jan/10/2021] The Patreon Patrons and Twitch Subs are voting in a private poll to determine the top few games that I’ll play on Twitch on Sundays. In 3 days I’ll be publishing a public poll with those top choices for everyone to vote on so keep your eye out for that one !

»[Jan/7/2021] Want to vote on what I play Sunday January 10th? Here’s a poll! Also a reminder that subscribers and patrons can suggest games to play for future Sundays in Discord’s #sunday-twitch-series channel!

»[Jan/3/2021] For Subscribers and Patrons if you have requests for me to play on Sundays drop your ideas into the #sunday-twitch-series channel on Discord. Thanks!

»[Dec/28/2020] Want to vote on what I play NEXT YEAR!? (Sunday January 3rd) Here’s a poll Thanks in advance!

»[Dec/24/2020] Want to vote on what I play Sunday? Here’s a poll Thanks in advance!

»[Dec/21/2020] Oxygen Not Included and Frost and Fire are both cancelled today. I’m moving either this week or next, but I’ll try to meet all the other scheduled episodes. Sorry all!

»[Dec/19/2020] Want to vote on what I play tomorrow? Here’s a poll Thanks in advance!

»[Dec/13/2020] Just a reminder I will NOT be streaming today. Next stream will be The Blades of Ragnarok on December 19th. <3

Here’s the poll results for the next Twitch/RimWorld series premiering tomorrow at 1 PM EST

Thank you all for voting! I hope to see you tomorrow!

»[Dec/8/2020] Hey all! I’ll be visiting family next week (don’t worry I’ve properly quarantined and will be wearing a mask, face shield and latex gloves at every gas station) starting Sunday December 13th meaning I won’t be streaming this upcoming Sunday. If all goes according to plan I’ll be back for December 19th’s stream. All YouTube series will be completely unaffected, I am pre-recording them all.

»[Dec/7/2020] Here’s a poll to help determine the scenario of the next Twitch RimWorld seriers! Thank you patrons and subs for all of your wonderful ideas! Thank you for voting!

»[Dec/3/2020] Here’s a poll for Mount and Blade Bannerlord to determine who we go to war with next!

»[Dec/1/2020] Here’s a poll on what I’ll play December 6th on Twitch. Thanks for voting!