»[June/20/2020] Me and a crew of zombie slayers will be streaming Red Solstice 2 in 2 hours! Come watch on Twitch. Browncoats has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

»[June/16/2020] Instead of the regularly scheduled episodes of Space Haven and Mount and Blade 2, a special episode of Red Solstice 2 will air in its place.

»[June/12/2020] The results of the last poll are in! Click here for the pie graph! Sea Ice Cannibals and Western Settlers will become the next two TwitchToolkit RimWorld series on Twitch!

»[June/6/2020] What will the next Twitch RimWorld series be? It is up to you! Vote Here!

»[June/5/2020] The fifth poll for The Philosopher King is right here!

»[May/28/2020] – [May/31/2020] Escape From Tarkov Duo Marathon! This weekend my Twitch channel will be taken over by Escape From Tarkov, co-streaming with Zer0Day! The game just updated and everyone got reset! I’ll be streaming a lot over the next 3 days, stay tuned on Discord’s #announcements or YouTube posts for exact times!

»[May/21/2020] A brand new tutorial series on Space Haven will kick off on YouTube today!

»[May/21/2020] The Bannerlord Melee Weapons Poll right here!

»[May/15/2020] The fourth poll for The Philosopher King is right here!

»[May/14/2020] Mount and Blade Bannerlord will premiere on YouTube today!

»[May/6/2020] In order to prepare for the YouTube Oxygen Not Included series I will be streaming practicing it much the way I did with Bannerlord. The first stream will be live in just half an hour and Sunday’s stream is scheduled to be ONI.

»[May/4/2020] Mount and Blade Bannerlord Poll Results!

»[May/3/2020] Origins of Magic on Twitch has officially ended, meaning we need another series! If you’re a patron or Twitch sub head on over to #next-twitch-series in Discord to submit ideas and brainstorm! Thanks all!