»[November/26/2020] I’ll be streaming on https://twitch.tv/rhadamant5186 today with my whole family fundraising for Action Against Hunger. Today’s YouTube episodes are cancelled other than Foggy Swamp. I’ll be live in one hour if you want to drop by and say hello.

»[November/17/2020] What sort of biome should I setup the colony for Starbound Vote Here This poll will remain open until November 19th, cheers!

»[November/16/2020] Foggy Swamp Tribe premieres on YouTube today. Its a nearly 100% vanilla RimWorld series where I play a difficult tribal only scenario. Outer Wilds will not be coming to YouTube, but the entire streams will be highlighted and live on Twitch forever, the first stream of it can be found here

»[November/13/2020] Want to help determine what sort of series I play on Saturdays until Western Settlers is ready? Here you go! This poll will remain open until sometime tomorrow when I have to start to setup the scenario and what-not. Cheers!

»[November/9/2020] If you want to vote on what projects I focus on in Oxygen Not Included, here’s the poll!

Today is also the premiere of Frost and Fire, meaning that an overview video will be airing on the YouTube channel that covers everything the https://rhadamant.com/frostandfire/ website details. Additionally, the mod, the two scenarios and the two save game files will be made public. The first episode of Frost and Fire airs today as well.

»[November/6/2020] Frost and Fire will be released and premiere in three days, Monday, November 9th. Monday I’ll be releasing the mod, scenario and save game file on this website and Steam workshop as well as releasing a video that covers everything from https://rhadamant.com/frostandfire/. The first episode of Frost and Fire will air Monday at 5PM EST, moving ONI to 3:30 PM EST.

»[November/5/2020] You all can vote to determine what sort of colony I will build for Starbound. Here’s the poll!

»[November/3/2020] There was an audio bug for today’s episode of Mount and Blade and it will require me to re-record the entire episode. Today’s Mount and Blade episode is cancelled as a result, sorry all! Also, a friendly reminder to my fellow Americans who are eligible to vote, please do so (And stay safe if you are indeed voting today)!


Just a little teaser of the upcoming Frost and Fire RimWorld/YouTube series that will also be a community challenge, meaning the mods made for the series will be free for everyone to play!

»[October/20/2020] I’ve been working out the last of the bugs for the upcoming YouTube RimWorld series Frost and Fire and barring any unforeseen codexplosions I should have it ready within a week or so. As a reminder it will be a community challenge series where anyone is welcome to attempt to survive using the mod that I’ve developed with the help of other developers (like @Arty Marty doing some of art and the work of several others). Development took a lot longer than I wanted or had anticipated, so as a result Western Settlers very well may be delayed as I’ve not had the time to dedicate towards its planning and development, but I’ll keep you all in the loop as time progresses

»[October/18/2020] I’ll likely finish the normal game today on Stream, so let’s decide additional Frostpunk you’d all like to see for next week! Here’s the poll for that.


The polls have closed and a winner is determined! Frostpunk will be the next Twitch series on Sundays! Thank you all for voting!

»[October/11/2020] The public poll to determine what I will be playing on Sundays on Twitch is here! The games on the poll are Frostpunk, Outer Wilds, XCOM2 with DLCs and Divinity Original Sin.
The poll will remain open for about a week. Cheers all! Happy voting.