»[Feb/16/2021] The Patreon patrons and Twitch subscribers have completed the preliminary poll to narrow the choices down to just the top 5! Here’s the poll.

If you’d like to suggest games for me to play you can either become a patron on Patreon or a subscriber on Twitch and once you’ve linked your method of patronage to Discord you’ll gain access to a ton of private raffles, chats and feedback methods. Cheers!

»[Feb/15/2021] The patron and subscriber sourced suggestions been tossed into a poll for the private preliminary round of voting in Discord’s #twitch-midweek-stream-suggestions (only visible to subs and patrons). The 5 top choices will move on to a public poll tomorrow so keep your eye out for that poll!

»[Feb/14/2021] I’m taking suggestions for games to play in midweek streams for Twitch Subs and Patreon Patrons over in Discord’s #twitch-midweek-stream-suggestions channel (only visible to subs and patrons) if you’re interested in submitting ideas. A public poll will soon follow to determine winners!

»[Feb/12/2021] The Per Aspera series has ended prematurely. Long story short my internet cut out for awhile during yesterday’s stream and my entire Martian base caught fire and went into a game ending death spiral. I’m not going to go to the effort of editing the footage for YouTube, but you can catch the VODs on Twitch until they get deleted in 60 days.

On brighter news I’ll be streaming tonight with Zero and Cheese and I’m about to kick off the Game Raffle! Good luck everyone!

»[Feb/11/2021] Today is the last day to enter the game raffle if you haven’t already! You can find the form on Discord! Good luck everyone and a special thank you to all who donated games!

»[Feb/05/2021] Hey all! Want to vote on what projects to undertake before Oxygen Not Included concludes? Here’s the poll.

»[Feb/03/2021] The Chinese New Year Game Giveaway has started! Here is the form to enter raffle for free video games, all you need to enter is a gmail account and to have joined Rhadamant Plays Discord. Directions to enter are in the raffle form. Thank you to everyone who donated games and best of luck to you all in the raffle!

»[Jan/28/2021] I put out a poll earlier about how to proceed in the Project Zomboid series and the plurality of voters voted for me to start over from scratch with a rule that I have to ‘sacrifice’ rubber duckies to save scum if/when I die and starting at 1 ducky and increasing by 1 duck for each additional loaded save.
So, that brings me to the poll, where should I start the new series?

»[Jan/25/2021] Let’s continue one of my Twitch series tonight! Here’s a tiny poll where you can vote on either Stellaris or Per Aspera. I’ll be streaming at 7 PM EST. Here’s the poll. Thanks for voting!

»[Jan/24/2021] Hey all, in light of how today’s Project Zomboid stream went here’s a quick poll that’ll only take a minute or two, but it will help determine how the series will continue. Here’s the poll

»[Jan/14/2021] Want to vote on what I play on upcoming Sundays on Twitch? Here’s the poll! The six choices on the poll were the most upvoted by my Patreon patrons and Twitch subscribers. Some of the choices will also be rebroadcasted on YouTube, some wont. Thank you for voting!

»[Jan/10/2021] The Patreon Patrons and Twitch Subs are voting in a private poll to determine the top few games that I’ll play on Twitch on Sundays. In 3 days I’ll be publishing a public poll with those top choices for everyone to vote on so keep your eye out for that one !

»[Jan/7/2021] Want to vote on what I play Sunday January 10th? Here’s a poll! Also a reminder that subscribers and patrons can suggest games to play for future Sundays in Discord’s #sunday-twitch-series channel!

»[Jan/3/2021] For Subscribers and Patrons if you have requests for me to play on Sundays drop your ideas into the #sunday-twitch-series channel on Discord. Thanks!