»[Jan/13/2020] Frost and Fire will become the next RimWorld/YouTube series in ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ styled storytelling where you will be able to vote bi-weekly on goals and rules submitted by patrons! Curious about the decision making process? Here’s an infographic. I don’t have a timetable of when it’ll premier, but when I do I’ll announce it!

»[Jan/11/2020] A tiebreaker poll has been posted on patreon.com/rhadamant or #next-rimworld-series on Discord for access to the poll (if you’re a patron) The poll will remain up for two days. Go vote patrons =]

»[Jan/09/2020] The poll for the next RimWorld/YouTube series is up for the next two days for patrons! Head to patreon.com/rhadamant or #next-rimworld-series on Discord for access to the poll (if you’re a patron).

»[Jan/06/2020] Today the patreon.com patrons are voting in a preliminary poll to determine the next RimWorld series on YouTube. The poll will stay open until January 8th, and then the top few choices will be polled again for a finalist! In 4 days or so I’ll announce the winning scenario! Thanks you patrons!

»[Jan/04/2020] Instead of rushing any potentially making fatal errors I’m going to schedule the premier of the next Twitch/RimWorld series based on RimWorld of Magic for Jan 11th. Tomorrow will air Wardens of Eriador. I can’t wait to see what you all think!

»[PINNED] Hey all! You may have noticed the cyan names in the Discord for a bit now? That’s just the new Loyalty Program I’m starting in order to honor longtime supporters of Rhadamant Plays. Thanks you guys! More details here