»[May/7/2021] I’m inviting Patreon patrons to the design phase of Western Settlers. If you are a patron head on over to Patreon and you can read the details about becoming involved! Cheers!

»[May/3/2021] What I play on Twitch stream Thursday is going to be polled on YouTube community post here.

»[Apr/25/2021] Just a little reminder that later tonight the polls will close about what games to play next. Tomorrow I’ll post a public poll directly on YouTube and I’ll link it here and on Discord’s announcements for your convenience. I’ll be updating my schedule for two midweek streams one Tuesday night, one Thursday night. The Tuesday night stream will be a game of my choice (that is far and away the leader of the current private poll by a massive margin) and the game we play Thursday night will be the winners of the polling process.

If you are a Twitch sub or Patreon patron head over to Discord’s #twitch-game-suggestions channel and cast your vote if you haven’t voted yet

»[Apr/21/2021] The poll for what new emotes to add to the channel has concluded. Here’s what won in order of popularity;
1. Emote for rants “Rhant”
2. Emote for “Rhad LOL”
3. More Tusk emotes
4. Emote for Hydration
5. Emote of Rhad’s face

I’ll be working to get these added soon!

I also have work crews at my house today and the background noise is far too loud to get Frost and Fire recorded in time to air, sorry!

»[Apr/17/2021] Hey Patreon patrons and Twitch subscribers, if you’ve linked your accounts with Twitch/Patreon you should have access to private channel in Discord named #🗳-twitch-game-suggestions channel where you can suggest games for me to play on Twitch. Thanks!

»[Apr/16/2021] Want to vote on what sort of emotes we added to Twitch? Here’s a poll for that! Thank you for submitting your ideas!

»[Apr/12/2021] We recently reached a new milestone for the amount of concurrent subscribers on Twitch and as a result I’ve unlocked a new emote slot. Want to suggest what sort of emotes I should add to the channel? Plop your suggestion in Discord’s suggestion-box channel, a current list of proposed emotes are pinned in the channel. EG2 has been rescheduled for tomorrow, sorry for late notice!

»[Apr/05/2021] Wondering when Kenshi or Western Settlers is going to premiere? Here’s an update. I’ve been procrastinating, but let me explain why. Originally Kenshi and Western Settlers were going to be ‘standard’ series, mimicking projects I’ve made in the past. I made a decision to pour in a lot more attention and effort into them, but as a result they’re also massive undertakings. Western Settlers and Kenshi are going to easily be two of my largest projects to date, significantly dwarfing everything I’ve done in the past, but as a result I’ve been dragging my feet because they seem so daunting. Don’t worry, I’ll continue working on them now, but I am also waiting for my video release schedule to thin out so I have a bit more free time for the creative work of planning and designing. I am sorry for the delayed release dates, but I hope I make it worth the wait. Cheers all.