»[Mar/30/2020] The public poll for the next YouTube series is right here!

»[Mar/27/2020] The second poll for The Philosopher King is right here!

»[Mar/26/2020] The first poll to determine the next few YouTube series has gone out to the Patreon patrons! They’ll be voting over the next two days to whittle down the list from a few dozen to just a few. A poll in a few days will go out to all of you that you can vote in to determine what series will get created!

»[Mar/13/2020] The first poll for The Philosopher King is right here!

»[Mar/12/2020] Starsector will likely air late due to processing times. Prior to a week ago most uploaded videos processed HD within an hour or two, but this past week it has sometimes taken almost half a day. I don’t often pre-record, so that I can incorporate your suggestions and feedback, but as a result it causes airing disruptions when YouTube doesn’t process the video for hours.

»[Mar/11/2020] Kenshi will not air today (IRL got in the way of recording it)

»[Mar/10/2020] YouTube processing .. has been slow. Origins of Magic Episode 10 will definitely be late. Not sure how late.

»[Mar/9/2020] Philosopher King will be late to air today. YouTube processing is taking a long time and the video is stuck at 360p. I’ll release it as soon as it finishes processing, but I don’t have a time frame for that.

»[Mar/5/2020] The poll for colonization in Starsector is right here!

»[Mar/3/2020] The poll for planet dominance in Starsector is right here! I’ve also split up the last Origins of Magic stream into 4 parts, the first airing tonight. The air schedule for that reflects in the schedule above and the channel banner.

»[Mar/1/2020] A patron only channel has been created to suggest games for future YouTube series in Discord #games-to-play. Many of the current YouTube series are nearly completion and I’ll be looking to my patrons for game suggestions.

The premiere of The Browncoat Rebels will be split into 6 1-Hour episodes for YouTube, first one airing tonight.