Loyalty Program

» What is the Loyalty Program?

The loyalty program is a way for me to give back to my most honored supporters and patrons. I am unbelievably stunned at how generous and supportive you are and I need a way to show gratitude.

» What are the benefits?

First off, once admitted, you’ll be granted lifetime access to some of the content that would otherwise be behind paywalls, like submitting ideas for future series, voting in patron/subscriber only polls, and other pay-walled content.

You’ll also be honored with a unique color scheme in Discord (yes, I know, maybe not that important).

You’ll be set as a VIP in Twitch if you’d like as well (this comes with increased income for TwitchToolkit)

Other benefits will vary over the course of the program, as I continually brainstorm ways I can give back to you all.

» Who are the Loyalty Program Patrons?

  • CheeseRadarDelux
  • Damien72
  • CrimsonRust
  • Teseng
  • Ashield
  • Whitsyinferno
  • HumptyMoo
  • Lethrington
  • Zer0Day
  • WolfBear
  • MrRussell
  • Jaines
  • JDv2
  • AccidentalAgro
  • HiredBlade
  • KleinNF
  • ArtyMarty
  • Braveskin