Origins of Magic

The Origins of Magic has ended.


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The Lore
   ╗ About 20 years ago the world was a relatively peaceful and agrarian, ruled by kings, lords and knights. An event, known as the cataclysm, tore rifts of dreadful and powerful magic into the world. The rifts imbued certain individuals with talents, both magical and physical, bestowing them incredible power. Over the next few years the world rapidly turned from lush and fertile forests to dry, arid deserts and the feudal lords blamed the gifted and the rifts for the mass famine and starvation. To make matters worse, twisted and cruel monsters spilled forth from the rifts and preyed upon anyone who strayed too far from the protection of castle walls.

   ║ Feudal lords banded together to control what little remained of the fertile world and placed bounties on anyone known to have talents for magic. A loosely aligned faction of bounty hunters known as the Magehunters formed as a direct response, mostly composed of individuals who had been gifted physical talents. The magical survivors of the ensuing purge formed enclaves known as The Seers and comprised exclusively as mages, for mighty individuals were assumed bounty hunters. Other factions have formed within the world as well, some tribal, some violent and a few who have used their magical talents for cruelty and evil.

   ╝ Our cast of heroes are unique and unlikely as some are mages and others warriors, but despite that have found to trust one another. These cast of heroes have just escaped the clutches of a massacre and ventured north from the lush feudal forests into the dry and unforgiving desert to try to carve a life out for themselves. They aim to offer refuge to other individuals who are persecuted for their talents.

The Rules
   ╗ Dark Arts are strictly prohibited. ( Death Knight / Summoner / Necromancer / Lich / Blood Mage / Warlock / Succubus )
   ║ Recruiting of allies is prohibited.
   ║ Use of Dark Arts artifacts is prohibited.
   ║ No duplicate classes.
   ║ No corpse/incapacitated looting for weapons/gear.
   ╝ May not recruit or tame monsters.

The Goals
   ╗ Establish an enclave where magically and physically talented individuals are welcomed.
   ║ Close all rifts and defeat the Lichdom.
   ║ Defend against the Feudal Lords and Magehunters, but treat the fallen individuals ethically.
   ╝ Safeguard the world from monsters.

How TwitchToolkit Works
   ╗ Viewers have coins to spend purchasing items and events, coins carry over to future streams, but are separate from other TwitchToolkit streams.
   ║ Every two minutes viewers are allotted additional coins, which is determined by whether they’re a subscriber / VIP and Karma (explained next).
   ║ Your Karma starts at 100%, when you buy events that are harmful, your Karma will decrease. If you buy gifts or helpful events your Karma goes up.
   ║ The minimum for Karma is 25% and the maximum for Karma is 175%
   ║ The breakdown of what is positive/negative Karma is on the events list linked above. All items purchased are positive Karma.
   ║ There is a global cool-down of how many events can happen in a span of time, so you may, at times, be restricted from purchasing gifts or events.
   ╝ You can purchase events and items from the PDF lists above using the syntax listed below. You must submit your commands by whispering the bot, RhadTwitchBot, otherwise they will not work. Directions are here

Rules for the Twitch Viewers
   ╗ The stream is strictly family friendly, no cussing, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc.
   ║ Do not use the chat for toolkit commands, they won’t work (except for non-twitchtoolkit polls).
   ║ You may not try to influence the way other people wish to participate in spending credits including bullying, criticism, pressuring, etc.
   ║ Additional credits may be gifted to viewers, but don’t ask for them.
   ║ Credit trading is disabled.
   ╝ All commands must be whispered to the bot RhadTwitchBot. Directions are here

Benefits for Twitch Subscribers
   ╗ New additions to the roster will be raffled and assigned to subscribers who are active in the chat.
   ║ Increased coin allowance.
   ╝ Your vote will count for two votes for Toolkit polls

Common TwitchToolkit Commands
   ╗ !bal (/w rhadtwitchbot !bal)

   This will just display your current coins and karma.

   ║ !buyitem (/w rhadtwitchbot !buyitem [item] [amount])

   Example “!buy beer 6” will supply drop 6 beers to me.

   ║ !buyevent (/w rhadtwitchbot !buyevent [event] [extra parameters like raid strength])

   Example “!buyevent raid 1500” will send me a raid where you spend 1500 coins to attack the colony.

   ║ !purchaselist (/w rhadtwitchbot !purchaselist)

   Will display this page which includes the item list and purchase list at the top.

   ╝ !lookup (/w rhadtwitchbot !lookup [event/item] [search term])

   Example “!lookup item herbal” will return the item ‘herbalmedicine’ as a lookup result.

   ╗ A guide on RimWorld of Magic can be found here
   ║ Mod list can be found here
   ║ The RimWorld of Magic mod is not balanced. It is quite likely I’ll be GODLIKE in this series. This is by design.
   ╝ The purchasing of traits is disabled in Origins of Magic. This is a requirement to function properly and trait buying will never be enabled.

   >> If you want to try to replicate this series the modlist is here. I cannot help you replicate it any further than just pointing to the mods I used, as I do not have time to walk people through the setup, there are guides for that online. With that said, I also wrote a lot of code and XML for this series as well, to help support the story I want to tell, and my personally written code will NOT be made publicly available. The reason for this is because my code for this is a buggy nasty mess that was never meant to be played by other people. It is always changing and only I know how to carefully navigate my messy code to prevent the game from being unplayable. Other additions, like the Elemental creatures or Kenshi creatures mods may be made available at a later date, and if they are I will put them up on my shared file page here, asking for them won’t make them available any sooner.