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Directly donating is one of the most helpful things you can do to keep my channel going, and there are many benefits that come with donation too!


  • You have the chance to show up in a series. I make a good faith effort to include as many patrons in my series as possible. In the Black Lake Settlers series for RimWorld, for example, 30+ patrons showed up throughout the series!


  • You'll be granted access to the patron only discord (which is a live chat program) where I discuss the inner workings on the channel, from leaking teasers to seeking ideas for future series or games to play. I rely heavily on patron feedback, it's a hallmark of my channel. It's also a great community, so there's that benefit too!


  • You'll be included in the credits. At the end of every single one of my videos I will roll credits and any of my donors can be included if they wish.


Ad revenue from YouTube is unreliable at best, and it also puts me at the mercy of the YouTube platform, which is notorious for being unsupportive of their creators. Additionally, knowing that I have a community that directly supports my work means a lot to me!


If becoming a patron interests you please do so! Head over to either Patreon or PayPal.

I hate ads, I know, I get it, but they do pay for the majority of the channel.


About 70% of the money I make from YouTube is from ad revenue, the other 30% is from YouTube Premium subscriptions. I make more money from ads than I do donations, but I do hope to change that in the future. If it's possible, just whitelisting me in your adblocker of choice can go a long way in supporting my work, either that or consider YouTube Premium


If you already have me whitelisted in your adblocker or have YouTube Premium, thank you!

I'm sure you hear creators beg for likes and subscriptions. Here's the reason!


About 55% of my audience aren't subscribers. Views, likes and subscriptions are wired into YouTube's engine, and the more you've got, the more likely YouTube is to recommend your content to new people, raising the possibility of further growth. My channel is fairly obscure, I make a lot of content, but it doesn't reach many people. The more you like, watch and subscribe the larger my audience can become.

Sharing my videos on social media, gaming discord servers and with friends makes a big difference


I know I can't engineer my videos to go 'viral' but the more my content gets watched and shared, the greater the 'snowball' effect can have. I'm terrible at self promotion, probably always will be, so the more you can help promote my videos the more successful my channel will become.


Interestingly enough, one of the greatest metrics that YouTube employs in analyzing the success of a video is audience retention, so watching a video until the end helps a lot as well.