Survive the Swarm

   » We start as a small group of zombie apocalypse survivors trying to build a space ship, surviving the swarm.
   » Viewers take the role of an orbital station that’s trying to supply the survivors so that they may build the ship and escape AND/OR take the role of ‘zombie master’ attempting to overrun the colony with zombies, killing off the survivors.
   » You all are encouraged to try to balance the challenge, help where it is needed and attack when I am ready or too strong.
   » This series has the mod TwitchToolkit installed with allows viewers to interact directly with the game.
   » Additionally, the zombie mod Zombiefied (Zombie Apocalypse) is enabled as well.
   » Subscribers benefit from a bonus to income. Live viewing subscribers may also have survivors assigned to them, allowing them the ability to influence their own in-game avatar.

How it Works:
   » Every viewer has coins to spend purchasing items and events.
   » Every few minutes there is a set ‘income’ of additional coins given to every viewer.
   » When you buy events that are harmful, your Karma will decrease, which then also decreases your income.
   » The minimum karma level is 80% and the maximum level of karma is 120%
   » The breakdown of karma is on the events list.
   » All items purchased is positive karma.
   » There is a global cool-down of how many events can happen in a span of time, so you may, at times, be restricted from purchasing gifts or curses.
   » You can purchase events and items from the PDF lists above using the syntax listed below. You must submit your commands by whispering the bot, RhadTwitchBot, otherwise they will not work. Directions are here

Rules for the Scenario:

  • Build a space ship to survive the swarm.
  • If the group of survivors fail and succumb to the swarm, the scenario restarts.

Rules for the Twitch Viewers:

  1. All commands must be whispered to the bot RhadTwitchBot. Directions are here
  2. Do not use the chat for toolkit commands, they won’t work (except for non-twitchtoolkit polls).
  3. You may not try to influence the way other people wish to participate in spending credits including bullying, criticism, pressuring, etc.
  4. Additional credits may be gifted to viewers, but don’t ask for them.
  5. Credit trading is disabled.
  6. Changes may be made or amended as time goes on.

Benefits for Subscribers:

  • The chance for newly introduced characters to be assigned to you.
  • Increased coin allowance.
  • An extra vote when choosing events.
  • A lot more commands, specific to pawns that are assigned to you. The list of additional commands are below.

TwitchToolkit Commands:

  • !buy zombiepack [wager]
  • This will spawn a pack of zombies, the higher the wager the more numerous the pack.

  • !buy zombiehorde [wager]
  • This will spawn a horde of zombies, the higher the wager the more numerous the horde.

  • !bal
  • This will just display your current coins and karma.

  • !buyitem [item] [amount]
  • Example “!buy beer 6” will supply drop 6 beers to me.

  • !buyevent [event] [extra parameters like raid strength]
  • Example “!buyevent raid 1500” will send me a raid where you spend 1500 coins to attack the colony.

  • !purchaselist
  • Will display this page which includes the item list and purchase list at the top!

  • !instructions
  • Gives you a basic set of instructions on how to use TwitchToolkit

  • !lookup [event/item] [search term]
  • Example “!lookup item herbal” will return the item ‘herbalmedicine’ as a lookup result.

Additional Pawn Commands:

  • !buyevent trait [traitname]
  • Adds a trait to your pawn, maximum of 4 traits.

  • !buyevent removetrait [traitname]
  • Removes a trait to your pawn.

  • !buyevent levelskill [skillname] [wager]
  • Levels up a specific skill for your pawn.

  • !mypawnstory
  • View information about your pawns backstory.

  • !mypawnskills
  • View information about your pawns skills.

This is an incomplete guide, so if you feel like something is missing please let me know (preferably not during the middle of a stream as there’s little I can do to fix it when I’m streaming)