The Wendigos Test

The Wendigos airs on Twitch from 1PM EDT to 5PM EDT on Saturdays!


How TwitchToolkit Works

How TwitchToolkit Works:
   » Every viewer has coins to spend purchasing items and events.
   » Every few minutes there is a set ‘income’ of additional coins given to every viewer.
   » You can also convert channel points (Yoda Coin) into Toolkit coins.
   » When you buy events that are harmful, your Karma will decrease, which then also decreases your income.
   » The minimum purchase amount is 500 coins.
   » The minimum karma level is 25% and the maximum level of karma is 175%
   » The breakdown of karma is on the events list.
   » All items purchased is positive karma.
   » There is a global cool-down of how many events can happen in a span of time, so you may, at times, be restricted from purchasing items or events.
   » You can also claim lootboxes once a stream which will gift you a random amount of coins.
   » You can purchase events and items from the PDF lists above using the syntax listed below. You must submit your commands by whispering the bot, RhadTwitchBot, otherwise they will not work. Directions are here

The Scenario

The Scenario:
   » Five Wendigos have abandoned their last den to bring terror to a new land. Our Wendigos have sought to bring blood and death to the sea ice.
   » Our Wendigos have very few allies and must rely upon their brute strength and savagery to overwhelm their enemies.
   » Wendigos do not believe in crafting technologies of the enemy, spoils won in war may be used, but crafting is severely limited.
   » All potential future wendigos must have the hunger for flesh. All non-flesh eaters must die.
   » High technology is completely foreign to our wendigos and any progress within that level of technology must be aided through tech-profs.
   » The Wendigos are forbidden from having more than one home.
   » The Wendigos desire to drift upon the all-black. Such a feat would ascend them to legend. A way to the all-black must be found.



  1. All commands must be whispered to the bot RhadTwitchBot. Directions are here
  2. Do not use the chat for toolkit commands, they won’t work (except for non-twitchtoolkit polls).
  3. You may not try to influence the way other people wish to participate in spending credits including bullying, criticism, pressuring, etc.
  4. Additional credits may be gifted to viewers, but don’t ask for them.
  5. Credit trading is disabled.
  6. Changes may be made or amended as time goes on.

Subscribers Benefits

Subscribers Benefits:

  • The chance for newly introduced characters to be assigned to you.
  • Increased coin allowance.
  • A lot more commands, specific to pawns that are assigned to you. The list of additional pawn specific commands in the next tab.

TwitchToolkit Commands

TwitchToolkit Commands:

All commands must submitted by whispering the bot, rhadtwitchbot (/w rhadtwitchbot !command), otherwise they will not work. Directions are here

  • !bal
  • This command will display your current coins and karma.

  • !whatiskarma
  • This command will explain how karma works and display your current karma.

  • !purchaselist
  • Will display this page which includes the item list and purchase list at the top!

  • !buy [item] [amount] [message]
  • Example “!buy humanmeat 100 Yum!” will supply drop 100 human meat to me while optionally sending the message “Yum!”. There is a minimum purchase of 500 coins, so you cannot send items if they’re worth less than 500 total.

  • !buy [event] [extra parameters like raid strength] [message]
  • Example “!buyevent raid 1500 More Flesh!” will send me a raid. The extra parameter, 1500, is an amount of coin spent more than the cost of the raid itself in order to gamble to make the raid stronger. The “More Flesh!” is an optional message to be appended to the event

  • !modsettings
  • This command will display the current coin allowance rate and karma max.

  • !instructions
  • This command will display the link to this page for instructions.

  • !allcommands
  • This command will list all of the commands enabled.

  • !installedmods
  • This command will list all of the current mods installed.

  • !lookup [event/item] [search term]
  • Example “!lookup item herbal” will return the item ‘herbalmedicine’ as a lookup result.

If you have a Pawn in the colony Commands:

  • !levelskill [skill name] [wager]
  • This command will level the specific skill you list and the higher the wager the more experience you’ll gain. The skills are animals, artistic, construction, cooking, crafting, medical, melee, mining, intellectual, plants, shooting and social.

  • !buyevent trait [traitname]
  • Adds a trait to your pawn, maximum of 4 traits.

  • !buyevent removetrait [traitname]
  • Removes a trait to your pawn.

  • !mypawnstory
  • View information about your pawns backstory and work capabilities.

  • !mypawnskills
  • View information about your pawns skills and passions.

Mod List

Mod List:
   » Some of the mods included in the list (the ones with Folder icons) have been modified by me to fit into the series but I do no have redistribution rights for the mods and as a result cannot share these files.


   » The entire soundtrack was sourced from the YouTube Audio Library which catalogs attribution free music that the public is free to use without risking DMCA/Copyright strikes. If you want to listen to the song just go to and search for the titles listed below. If you’d like to download them just click the name of the song and it will download straight from the audio library.

   » If you would like to suggest attribution free music found on the YouTube audio library please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or e-mail!

Apocalypse by SYBS

At Odds by SYBS

Casual Desire by Ugonna Onyekwe

Chasing Time by SYBS

Dance of the U-boat by Aakash Gandhi

Dark Toys by SYBS

Devoid by ELPHNT

Familiar Things by The Whole Other

Final Boss by Myuu

For We Are Many by Cooper Cannell

Forest of Fear by Aakash Gandhi


Hangin’ with the Worms by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

Joker by Causmic

Luck Witch by Audio Hertz


Percolate by Loopop

Restless Natives by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions


Spring by HOVATOFF

Subtle Betrayal by SYBS

The Six Realms by I Think I Can Help You

Tribal Affair by SYBS

Window Demons by roljui

Wolf Mother by Loopop

You’re Not Wrong by roljui

This is an incomplete guide, so if you feel like something is missing please let me know (preferably not during the middle of a stream as there’s little I can do to fix it when I’m streaming)