So why subscriber only VODs?
I wanted to explain my reasoning for putting my Twitch streams behind a paywall as I’ve received a few questions about this. Here’s the two reasons I made this change.

#1 When people watch YouTube videos it helps my YouTube channel grow. Views, likes, subscriptions and comments all contribute to the success of a video on YouTube. When individual videos succeed, the channel grows. Additionally ad revenue on YouTube is a decent and reliable source of income. This is not true for Twitch, when people watch Twitch VODs it doesn’t do anything for Twitch growth and there’s virtually no ad revenue either. My content always airs on YouTube eventually, so subscriber only VODs are not a paywall, and if viewers don’t want to be patient for when they release they’re welcome to subscribe.

#2 Copyright trolling exists on both Twitch and YouTube. Counter claiming on Twitch is far more difficult than on YouTube. With VODs and Highlights publicly available on Twitch, I’m more vulnerable to troll claims. Claims have already caused a few series to end abruptly and if troll claims continue to happen I may have to setup my channel not to even store VODs at all, but having them be setup as subscriber only might be the stop-gap measure I’m hoping for.

I am sorry of this has inconvenienced any of you. Apologies =[

I became a Twitch Partner! After 6 months of streaming Silverfang Vengeance, Survive the Pantheon, Survive the Swarm and Kenshi on the Rim you all helped me achieve my goal! So what are the benefits?

The tangible benefits:
Twitch partners can stream with transcoding support and at higher bitrates, which means if I stream in 1440p60, you can still watch me live in 240p. Much of our buffering and low resolution woes are likely to be resolved. Additionally we gain access to additional emotes, custom bit badges, cheermotes and stuff like that.

The intangible benefits:
I’ll no longer be ‘on trial’ where every stream has to net at least 75+ viewers. This means I’ll be able to branch out to new games and premiere new series based upon what you all want to watch. User feedback, integration and community has always been a hallmark of my work, and I’ll strive to uphold those values. Additionally I can have impromptu, unscheduled streams without the fear of damaging my viewership numbers ( Note, I’d never impromptu stream a series, so there would be no risk you’d miss part of a series )

I just wanted to thank you all so very much for supporting me in this endeavor. This truly was a goal, realized by the community, from waking up at the crack of dawn, to gifting subscriptions or donating bits. I’m already working on ways that I may repay your dedication and perseverance.